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Key HighLights

  • Prospects in field of Bakery
  • Research & Development in field of Bakery
  • Challenges in bakery Business
  • Marketing and Management Plan
  • Composition of ingredients
  • Tips of Bread making
  • Specification of ingredients for Bakery products
  • Opportunity in field of Bakery for Entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Modus to set up Bakery
  • Tools and equipment for Bakery industry
  • Food safety and Hygiene
  • Costing factor

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Bakery business is the third most revenue generating sector of the food processing industry. Bakery products are popular in all parts of the country. The business is very lucrative as one can start with it by just renting a space. A huge population of India prefers fresh bakery products from local places. The Bakery products are consumed at huge quantity because of its low prices and changing tastes of the growing population.

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