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Key HighLights

  • Types of Rooftop farming
  • Pest and disease management
  • Portable farming system
  • Benefits of Rooftop farming
  • Marketing strategy of Rooftop farming
  • Detail of business opportunity for Rooftop farming
  • Method of obtaining frenchie or dealership of Living Green
  • Modus of rooftop farming
  • Enviromental effects on vegetables and cities
  • Tips for Rooftop farming business
  • Government support for Rooftop farming
  • Detail of Online,Push,Pull and referral marketing
  • Living green's method of service support

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Rooftop farming can be said as the method of cultivating fresh produce on the top of buildings or your house's terrace or any structure which has ample space for a decent farming. The simplest way to farming on terrace is to grow vegetables and simple crops at your rooftop.Rooftop farming system is a Simple "do it yourself" farming system that can be directly placed on the rooftop/kitchen garden/empty plot/farmhouse to grow fresh organic vegetables. The benefits of rooftop farming are destress from city life ,grow your own organic vegetables, Reduce air pollution , temperatures around the building can be lowered in the summer and property value can increase due to aesthetic value.

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