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Key HighLights

  • Introduction to the Packaging Industry
  • Packaging Scenario in Relation to the Global Market
  • In-depth Study of Different Food Packaging Machines & Their Working
  • Know about the Filling Systems & Bagging Systems for Liquids, Powders and Granules
  • What Not to Do While Ordering a Packing Machine?
  • In-depth Study of the Indian Packaging Scenario
  • How the Middle Class in India is Fueling Demand for Food Packaging in the country?
  • Various Filling Systems & Baggage Systems
  • Difference between Chute Bagger and Collar Bagger
  • What Do you Want to Pack -Granules, Powders, Liquids & Pastes etc?

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Food packaging is one of the biggest users of flexible packaging and this one factor leaves the arena of starting your own business in this sector wide open. For commercial success of any commodity its packaging plays a major role. It can work as an aggressive marketing tool that if used cleverly enhances the brand value and product differentiation on the shelf.  Packaging is not only about protecting or wrapping the product, packaging plays a major role in creating the brand image for the product which in turn attract the customers.


Indian packaging industry is the 5th largest in the world with a size of whopping $32 billion.  This factual data is enough to show that the future of this sector is very bright in our country. More importantly the expected growth rate is about 13 – 15 percent CAGR. Even after the positivefuture of the food packaging industry it is surprising to know that India only covers 4% of the total global market which means we still have a lot of scope for growth in this sector.


The packaging sector in India has a lot of potential and is often known as the sunshine industry that is well supported by positive demographic aspects. However, one needs to understand that before entering the industry you need to know all the ins and outs of food packaging sector to increase the chances of your success.

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