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Key HighLights

  • Understand the basics Solar Power and PV technology
  • Know the complete working of Solar Panels and their manufacturing
  • Important aspects of Mounting structures and Panel Specification
  • Learn various business models like CAPEX,OPEX etc
  • Know the Gross metering and Net Metering mechanisms in Solar Plants
  • Learn about different types of Bio-organic fertilizers and how
  • Learn different types of Solar Cells and its usage according to efficiency
  • Knowledge of On-Grid & Off-Grid Solar Power systems
  • Understanding the various applications of Solar Power in Water heating systems, Vehicles, Street lights, Cooking etc
  • Evaluate projects and their factors of working out the costs
  • Learn about business opportunities in power plants,equipment,small components, service provider, installations etc

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With about 300 clear and sunny days in a year, the calculated solar energy incidence on India's land area is about 5000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year (or 5 EWh/yr).The solar energy available in a single year exceeds the possible energy output of all of the fossil fuel energy reserves in India. The daily average solar-power-plant generation capacity in India is 0.20 kWh per m2 of used land area, equivalent to 1400–1800 peak (rated) capacity operating hours in a year with available, commercially-proven technology.

With the increased support of government and improved economics, the sector has become attractive from investors perspective. As India looks to meet its energy demand on its own, which is expected to reach 15,820 TWh by 2040, renewable energy is set to play an important role.

There are tremendous business opportunities of entrepreneurs under this sector in manufacturing, trading and service providing.

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