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Key HighLights

  • Understanding the basics of Modern methods and techniques in dairy farming
  • Know the best Industry practices by experts
  • Understanding of Nutritional Profile, Bacterial Count and its importance
  • Know the criteria’s and factors for selection of animal breeds
  • How to maintain best animal husbandry by keeping them healthy, disease free and productive
  • Adopt the benefits of Acquiring information and analyzing data for increasing production
  • Learn various factors to consider for animal reproduction
  • Vital Role of nutritional requirement and types of feed
  • Learn the steps and measures to increase the Milk quality

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Commercial and small scale dairy farming in India is no doubt playing an important role in the total milk production and economy of our country. And almost all regions of India are suitable for setting up dairy farming business. Most of the dairy farmers in India are raising animals in small scale traditional methods. They are not aware about the modern farming methods and improved techniques for dairy farming.

Dairy products have a market in almost every place of India and they are active round the year. It is eco-friendly and it doesn’t pollute the environment.

The best part about dairy farming business is that it doesn’t require highly skilled labour, It can be easily set up by the utilizing family labour.

Technology in dairy sector is playing a huge role in producing high yields and it is making cows happy and healthier. Be it boosting the production of milk or monitoring the herds by embracing the digital trends dairy farmers are making a great business throughout the world.

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