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Mentha cultivation in India has proved quite remunerative to the growers, particularly to small holders and fitted well in the existing cropping system in mint growing area in the country, Mint growers consider mentha as a bonus crop as it does not disturb or replace the cultivation of any major winter (Rabi) or rainy season (Kharif) crop. Being a labour intensive crop mentha provides various employment opportunities in cultivation, distillation, processing field particularly in rural areas.

Mentha oil is obtained from the leaves/entire plant of various mentha species and varieties. The Japanese mint (Mentha arvensis) is mainly cultivated in our country. The oil of Japanese mint is used as a source of natural menthol and dementholised oil (DMO). Because of its refreshing aroma and cooling effect, Mints have very wide spread use as flavouring agent in different pharmaceutical preparations.

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