Ready to Eat Noodles

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Project Description

Instant Noodles is prepared by means of an extrusion machine that is basically made of an stainless steel make strips, either flat(rolled and Cut ) or Oval round(Extruded). The process is quite simple and requires not much skilled labour. The machine itself is high technology and provides the manufacturers to produce pasta with several alternatives materials (like Maida, Suji, Rava, Rice flour and so on) and in different shapes ( like Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Vermicelli, Maccaroni, Fusilli, Penne, etc. ) of Pasta and Noodles.These products can be described as Hard, Brittle pieces, Formed into different shapes by extruding , cutting and drying tough dough made from semolina or farina mixed with water.

This type of ready‐to‐eat food items is very popular in the developed countries because of its versatility of form, composition and ease of preparation at consumer end, which has made these products so widely, accepted world over. There is a very large and growing market.

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