Soya Paneer

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Soya Milk is an inexpensive and remarkably versatile high protein food made from soyabeans. It is a white liquid made from the seed. Unlike most other protein foods, milk is entirely free from cholesterol and low in fat (specially saturated fats). The quality of protein is as high as that found in chicken. It is also good for dieters as this contain low calories. It is an excellent food for babies, children, elderly people and pregnant and lactating women since it contains vegetable protein which is very nutritious and easy to digest. Soya milk and its derivatives are the cheapest source of protein, its derivatives tofu (soya paneer) makes testy dishes like matar paneer, palak paneer etc. and snacks like soya burger, patties, sand witches, pakoras etc. and also used in desserts. Soya paneer is made from soya milk which is a rich source of high quality proteins and vitamins. Paneer is made by coagulating soya bean milk.

Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Many value-added products are made from it like milk, sauce, paneer etc. Soya products are increasingly becoming popular especially amongst health conscious people.

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