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Macaroni or gold finger is a simple product made from Maida and Tapioca flour. This is a mass consumption item especially amongst children and youngsters. The product comes under "Ready‐to‐Eat" category and has become very popular throughout the country. Macaroni means a product made from a blend of flours. It is manufactured in different sizes, hollow or solid and for different cooking methods. Some are made for cooking whereas others for frying.

It is one of the cheap eatables available in the market as compared to potato wafers, cheese balls or other such items in the same category. Its popularity in urban markets is limited but semi‐urban and rural markets have witnessed substantial increase in demand. Since they enjoy considerable shelf‐life, they are stored in households in large quantities. It has become a very popular snack food or lunch‐box item. Since it is not a very costly item, people from all walks of life can afford it.

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