Rusk Making

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In a chai-guzzling nation like India, there can never be enough tea-time snack options. Rusk, is one of them. Derived from the word 'rosca', which is Portuguese for 'a twisted, coiled roll of bread', a rusk is a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit prepared by double-baking bread.

Rusk are popular bakery products among elderly and working class which supplements for food for many . These Rusk have longer shelf life can be kept for longer period of time. Manufacturing process of Rusk is similar to bread manufacturing except for baking of sliced bread of different sizes as desired. Rusk are mostly prepared from local bakeries except for few branded Rusk majority are available from local bakeries.

One and a big reason for their popularity in India would be the affordable and economical nature of these biscuits. Apart from having existed in our country for closer to centuries now, it is their budget pricing that has remained constant till now that makes it such a popular snack.

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