Spice Grinding

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India is known as the land of spices because India is the largest producer and exports of species.Spice Powder Making Business ensures a good return with low investment, any individual can start this business; even home-based spice making business is profitable.Spice powder is an essential ingredient in cooking, none of the Indian food is made without spices every food industry consume spices, spices are available in various form according to the base material is used to make the spice powder.

Spices help to bring aroma, color and good taste of food, Commonly consumed spices in India are turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin etc; spices are always in the glossary list of every Indian home.

The demand for spices in the Domestic and International Market is growing day by day; estimated 6 million tones spices were exported from India during the year 2016-17; Chili Powder and Garlic Powder are on the top of the exporting spices list.

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