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Having made a significant stride in production and processing, our country is topping the Globe as the highest milk producer. Now it the time to upgrade the quality of milk in similar quantum to provide hygienically safe milk and milk products to the consumers. The sole criterion for determining quality should no longer be FAT/SNF but should also be bacteriological quality of the milk, which is possible only by the proper handling of milk from the udder of the animal to the super market shelf. Since the ambient temperature in our country is as high as 45o C, improvement of Raw milk quality is possible only by the careful milking conditions and its prompt cooling to 4oC or below.


The best alternative to the present collection system of milk is cooling of milk immediately after milking by Bulk Cooling Tanks. The usage of such tanks have become popular in the recent past because it not only helps in increasing the shelf-life of milk but also provides systematic and simple way of the procurement of milk . Also ensures procurement of more Milk by covering untapped farther areas for Milk Collection.

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