An Executive Membership is only on an online basis to guide you about various opportunities available in the various economic sector and business requirements of a running enterprise. These requirements may be from various fields of industrial sectors or day-to-day activities of business like taxation, registrations, compliances, government schemes etc.

If you want any one-time services from us other then, which are freely available, you have to take our executive membership both for one time or annual online basis to sever you better and in a professional manner.

Features & Scope

  • Virtual Membership
  • Valid for one month/Annual for any one service and sector opted by the member
  • Webinars links of workshops on a weekly and fortnightly basis
  • Prototype Project Reports
  • Industrial Documentaries
  • Government Scheme Details
  • Bank Schemes
  • Expert Episodes
  • Overview of various industries of the chosen sector
  • Supplier Connect
  • Quotations for Plant and Machinery
  • Log in as a member for one month /year on the website



  • * Expert/mentor/supplier connect is a subject matter of availability.
  • * Customize project report / DPR are charged separately.
  • * Entrepreneurial Services charged separately
Executive Membership Fee Validity
Annual plan Rs. 5900.00(5000+18% GST) One Year for any one service and a sector