An Incubatee Membership is only on an online basis to guide you about various opportunities available in the various economic sector and business requirements of a running enterprise. These requirements may be from various fields of industrial sectors or day-to-day activities of business like taxation, registrations, compliances, government schemes etc.

If you want any one-time services from us other then, which are freely available, you have to take our Incubatee membership both for one time to sever you better and in a professional manner.

Features & Scope

  • Prototype Project report

  • Supplier/Expert Information.
  • Quotation for plant and Machinery.
  • Industrial Documentaries/Expert Episodes of that Project.

NOTE:  In Prototype Project Report you will be provided with General information related to the industry, Executive Summary, Project Description, Capital Structure & Operating Cost, and Management Plan, Financial aspect, technical Aspect, Project Implementation and Market scenario)



  1. The Incubatee membership is valid for a service or product.
  2. Incubatee membership is applicable only for online services.
  3. Suppliers / expert connect are subject to availability.
  4. Industrial Documentaries and Expert Episodes are subject to availability.
  5. Membership once taken can not be refunded/in special case GST will not be refunded.
Incubatee Membership Fee Validity
One time Service Rs.2360.00(2000+18% GST) One Month for any one Project.