Associate Membership


Our associate members are those who are connected with us very closely as an incubator to start a new business enterprise. We also guide them for various opportunities available in various fields of upcoming economic sectors if searching for a new Idea of business enterprise. These members are associated with us as for a period of one year to nurture their Idea into a complete business venture.


Features & Scope

  • Virtual assistance and members can physically join us or interact with our expert team
  • Valid for one year for any chosen industry
  • Free seat in our live workshops at our incubation centers
  • Get Seminar materials like videos,ppt & other details by experts of th e workshop
  • Assistance in Business License Registrations
  • Company and Trademark Registration
  • Interact personally with our expert team at our centre
  • Prototype Project Report of all industries in the chosen sector as per avilability
  • Industrial Documentaries of the chosen sector as per availability
  • Government Scheme Details updated for an year
  • Bank Schemes updated for an year
  • Expert Episodes for the chosen sector as per vailability
  • Overview of various industries of the chosen sector
  • Supplier Connect
  • Quotations for Plant and Machinery
  • Login as a member for one year on
  • our website
  • Avail special membership discount on each services and courses


  • Free Workshops at center locations only for associate members subject to availability of seats.
  • Nurturing which includes guidance & other support is subject to one industrial sector only
  • All the registration services exclusive of documentation fee & Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Associate members are charged with professional charges at a concessional rate
  • Expert/mentor/supplier connect is a subject matter of availability.
  • Entrepreneurial Services charged separately
  • The proto-type project report will be provided to Associate members.
  • Customize project report / DPR are charged separately
  • * Membership fee is non-refundable

All information’s, connect and data’s are made available to you after collecting/reviewing it from various public platforms for education purpose and your any action should be after due diligence from your end. We are not responsible for any act or action from your end.

Associate Membership Fee Validity
Annual plan Rs. 11800.00(10000+18% GST) One Year for anyone sector