An Executive Membership provides guidance on an online basis about various opportunities available in the various economic sector and business requirements of a running enterprise. These requirements may be from various fields of industrial sectors or day-to-day activities of business like taxation, registrations, compliances, government schemes etc.

Features & Scope

  • Virtual Membership
  • Valid for one year for all the industries within a sector as opted by the member
  • Webinars links of workshops on regular basis
  • Prototype Project Reports of all industries in the selected sector as per availability
  • Industrial Documentaries of the chosen sector as per availability
  • Government Scheme Details updated for a year
  • Bank Schemes updated for a year
  • Expert Episodes of the chosen sector as per availability
  • Overview of various industries of the chosen sector
  • Supplier Connect
  • Quotations for Plant and Machinery
  • Log in as a member for one month /year on the website
  • Avail special membership discount on each services and courses



  • * Expert/mentor/supplier connect is a subject matter of availability.
  • * Customize project report / DPR are charged separately.
  • * Entrepreneurial Services charged separately.
  • * Membership fee is non-refundable
Executive Membership Fee Validity
Annual plan Rs. 5900.00(5000+18% GST) One Year for anyone sector